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Brock Lesnar is lying in the middle of the ring after a match, Seth Rollins comes out to cash in but somehow everything goes wrong & Lesnar beats up Rollins & is about to deliver an F5 to Rollins when suddenly you hear “SierraHotelIndiaEchoLimaDelta - SHIELD” (Can you imagine everyone’s faces when Reigns & Ambrose come down the stairs to help Rollins?)”


a Majority of wrestling fans need to research what a STORYLINE is. If it absolutely pathetic when people send hateful remarks over a heel turn or a title change. Nikki Bella’s turn at SummerSlam is a prime example. Tons of people were sending her rud, unnecessary comments over something she was SCRIPTED to do. Going to Instagram and calling her a “Bitch” or threatening her for turning against her sister, which again i will reiterate that it was SCRIPTED, makes you look like a complete fucking moron.”


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