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a Majority of wrestling fans need to research what a STORYLINE is. If it absolutely pathetic when people send hateful remarks over a heel turn or a title change. Nikki Bella’s turn at SummerSlam is a prime example. Tons of people were sending her rud, unnecessary comments over something she was SCRIPTED to do. Going to Instagram and calling her a “Bitch” or threatening her for turning against her sister, which again i will reiterate that it was SCRIPTED, makes you look like a complete fucking moron.”


Dean Ambrose is original. If the only things you notice/associate him with are the crazy eyes and weird hand dance that’s your fault for not paying enough attention. He incorporates all those little things he loves in his wrestling be it dancing, or tribute to his favorite wrestlers growing up, or singing, or joking, or shooting guns(hance the hand motion) everything he does is sincere and you can clearly see how much fun he’s having. He might not be the best there is/was, but he’s definitely original because he puts part of himself in his character.”

What is the point of WWE Promoting their Be a Star Campaign? Even though in the WWE Itself there is bullying, Like John Cena poking fun of Vickie Guerrero’s weight, Ryback’s bullying gimmick from last year and Vince McMahon making fun of Jim Ross and his Bell’s palsy, I mean what the hell! That’s just hypocritical!”

YES!! This is so true!!

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